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What is an Intervention? - Mary McNutt Addiction Recovery Minnesota Hawaii

What is an Intervention?

Helping stop a terrible waste of human talent and potential

Intervention to AddictionsDuring the time when a family is reeling in the pain and suffering caused by the addiction of one of their family members or when a business entity organization’s CEO, executive, to line employee has violated the drinking acceptability policy is the moment when we (AIRR) receive the crisis call to action requesting the assistance of a professionally facilitated addiction interventionist to get that individual into treatment.  Sometimes an interventionist is called on the scene much earlier offering help because waiting for a loved one or employee to bottom out before offering them the help they need is a terrible waste of human talent and potential.  Having employees using substances on company turf creates a huge sense of chaos, uncertainty and fallout even in the best run-organizations.  Not to mention the low productivity, hidden costs such as substance-related accidents and soaring health care premiums and claims.  In addition, business profits may shrink and a career or significant relationship may be shipwrecked and over.

Not only is AIRR a nationally respected expert in addiction issues and intensive outpatient treatment and relapse prevention, but we also specialize in intervention.  Our licensed staff has experience in working with the neighbor next door, the famous and important, corporations, professional athletes, movie stars and musicians.

Corporations rely on our intervention services heavily because the signs of addiction can be elusive, however, the hallmarks of an addict can add up to a increase of there being a five times more likely possibility of there being a workers’ compensation claim being filed, twice as many unexcused absences from work, is likely to be late for work three times more often, requests to leave work early twice as often, is more likely to steal from the company, and employee injury is likely to increase five times as much.

During an intervention the licensed interventionist acts as the facilitator, opening up the meeting by stating the reasons why there is such a gathering of individuals.  The reason being is to address the individual or employee’s substance use problem.  The interventionist will be the facilitator of all conversation, managing the flow and direction of the conversation, the cross talk, and denial.  There will have been a pre-meeting of important parties and each member of the intervention team is to stick preciously to the outline and information that was outlined in that pre-meeting.  The intervention last approximately one hour and is carried out with dignity and respect to all.  There is no shaming in the honest discussion.  The interventionist is trained in developing sound judgment of the situation, compassion to bring the intervention to a successful conclusion, and that purpose is enrolling the individual into treatment.