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What is an Intervention?

Helping stop a terrible waste of human talent and potential

Intervention to AddictionsDuring the time when a family is reeling in the pain and suffering caused by the addiction of one of their family members or when a business entity organization’s CEO, executive, to line employee has violated the drinking acceptability policy is the moment when we (AIRR) receive the crisis call to action requesting the assistance of a professionally facilitated addiction interventionist to get that individual into treatment.  Sometimes an interventionist is called on the scene much earlier offering help because waiting for a loved one or employee to bottom out before offering them the help they need is a terrible waste of human talent and potential.  Having employees using substances on company turf creates a huge sense of chaos, uncertainty and fallout even in the best run-organizations.  Not to mention the low productivity, hidden costs such as substance-related accidents and soaring health care premiums and claims.  In addition, business profits may shrink and a career or significant relationship may be shipwrecked and over.