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Mary McNutt, M.A., BCC, LADC, CIRC, ADCR-MN - Mary McNutt Addiction Recovery Minnesota Hawaii


A little bit about her...

Mary McNutt is  the Voice of Addiction and Recovery. If you're serious about fixing your life, Mary offers personal support for people seeking help with chemical addictions just like you, combining experience, knowledge and education that's second to none.  This kind of help is often referred to as an aftercare focal therapy, travel or in-house therapy, as well as recovery or sober companionship. With personal experience and dual masters degrees in Addiction Studies from the world renowned Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies, and Psychology and Counseling from St. Mary’s, you can feel assured you've found the help you need when you turn to Mary McNutt.Mary is a board certified counselor in both in Minnesota and Hawaii.

Mary McNutt is a highly sought after celebrity addiction psychotherapist, and addiction recovery coach that is a results driven professional providing life saving addiction and chemical dependency  treatment and counseling at clinics in Minnesota and Hawaii.  AIRR (Addiction Intervention Recovery Resources) of Minnesota and AIRR of Maui treat the individual and their families suffering with the myriad symptoms of alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling, sex addiction, domestic violence, anger management and post traumatic stress disorder.

For decades Mary McNutt has been focused on a single mission to be the voice of addiction: studying the field of addiction constantly. Her clients would best describe her as an addiction psychotherapist with a brilliant mind, tremendous compassion and great sorrow for those suffering from addiction.

Mary McNutt, M.A., BCC, LADC, CIRC, ADCR-MNShe is one f the most respected voices in the field of chemical dependency treatment because of her education with dual masters degree in addiction studies from the world renowned Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies and psychology and counseling from St. Mary’s.  In addition she has both the passion and experience of founding her own chemical dependency treatment center, Addiction Intervention, Recovery Resources (AIRR) of Minnesota. Mary describes her work as her passion and her ministry as she steps into the ring of fire with her client and walks through the pain and healing process of their addiction.

Mary has crafted her therapeutic style as an artisan listening and paying attention to every detail of her client’s story and pain. Her therapy is infused with compassion, empathy, trust and utmost confidentiality.

Mary’s unique approach to wellness includes counseling the loved ones of the addict.  Sometimes the addict can make the family sick. “The pain of addiction is contagious to those around the addict. There is no immunity, nor is there a magic pill to prevent victimization of those close to the addict. At AIRR, we recognize that this is not solo-suffering.”

Originally from Austin, Texas, Mary graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. She raised three children and helped her late husband run a successful corporation. Mary then renewed her passion for helping those with addiction by obtaining a Master of Arts degree in Addiction Studies from Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies in Center City, Minnesota and a Master of Arts degree in Psychological Services at St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis.

  • Mary’s credentials include:

    • Dual Master Degrees:  Addiction Studies, Psychology and Counseling
    • Licensed Alcohol Chemical Dependency Counselor
    • Board Certified Minnesota
    • Certified Civil Arbitration Skills Training
    • Minnesota Bar Association Continuing Legal Education in Arbitration
    • Founder and Director of AIRR of MN and AIRR of Maui

Throughout her life, Mary has helped those suffering with grief and loss. She is a certified dog therapist, a cancer support group facilitator, and a certified Minnesota AIDS speaker. Mary is a specialist in relapse prevention and experienced in the special needs of the Lesbian, Gay Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. Mary has lectured on addiction in Mumbai, India at the Kripa Foundation and in South Africa at the Harmony House.

Mary’s deep faith in a higher power continues to motivate her to bring others to the freedom that sobriety brings. “My profession is my ministry. I can’t stand to see others suffer needlessly when I know how to help them. Alcohol, drugs, and bad behaviors can be put aside and life can be good. It takes discovery of the cause, understanding, compassion and the commitment to sobriety. I tell everyone at AIRR, we can do this and we will, and this will be our lasting legacy to those we love.”