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founder and CEO/Program Director of Addiction Intervention Recovery Resources (AIRR), Mary is The Voice of Addiction and RecoveryMary McNutt is a private practice focal counselor, with offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Maui, Hawaii. The founder and CEO/Program Director of Addiction Intervention Recovery Resources (AIRR), Mary is The Voice of Addiction and Recovery, and is dedicated to healing survivors of addiction and drug use through education and prevention, intervention, relapse prevention, recovery coaching and training, and being there as a sober companion through the recovery process.

Mary gets great personal satisfaction as a private practice counselor and has helped celebrities, movie stars, musicians, sports personalities, power brokers, and real estate moguls work through there struggles to sobriety.

Working one on one with her clients, Mary really gets to know them, then tailor designs an individual treatment plan that will really speak to the client.  This individual treatment plan is first and foremost about the client:

  • What is their addiction, how did they get there,
  • Their individual special needs and wants from treatment,
  • Who they are and how they live their life
  • With the progression of therapy what, where and how they vision their journey towards self realization and their life to be.

Counseling Services Offered

Counseling Services for those struggling with addiction, chemical dependency and substance use.

Individual, Group, Couples, Families, Adults, Adolescents & Children

Specializing in the treatment of addictive disorders

  • Alcohol, Drugs,
  • Relationship, Grief, Trauma Issues caused by Substance Use Abuse
  • Chemical Health Assessments
  • Driving With Care Classes
  • Interventions
  • Relapse Prevention Sober Companion
  • Personal Development

Are You Struggling?  Looking For Help?

Mary is considered the Voice of Addiction and Recovery, not just nationally, but internationally.  Mary McNutt could possibly be one of the best, life changing choices you could make.  

Call today for a free and confidential assessment! .  

Minneapolis, MN:  
(612) 720-3470

Maui, Hawaii:  
(808) NO2DRUG
or (808) 662-3784

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