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The Story of GoldilocksOnce upon a time Goldilocks Wisdom came into existence on Sugar Beach in Maui Hawaii, to provide alcoholics, drug users, and addicts help, hope and healing from addiction,  Founded by MM, a credentialed global expert in the field of addiction recovery since 2008, the mission of Goldilocks Wisdom is to break through the stigma that surrounds addicts and drug users by creating safe spaces for addicts to find help, hope, healing and inspirational words of living life to its fullest and the experience of being alive.

Beginning with Step 1, surrender, moving to confession, embracing accountability, owning responsibility,and  to finally paying it forward to others, Goldilocks Wisdom takes its Facebook friends on a journey that guides them from a state of woundedness to one of healing and wholeness.  because wholeness and love is a basic want and need for all of God’s creatures.

Who is Goldilocks?

Goldilocks is a gum-chewing addict seeking treatment.  She has a batshit crazy boyfriend named Victor (Mr. Grumpy).  They meet at the Maui Swap meet.  Both have been homeless living under a bridge or camping on the beach and have done anything and everything to survive.  She drinks club soda and gives advice for a quarter.  Boyfriend drinks Hurricanes.  Her online mugshot profile shows her under arrest in a holding tank in jail.

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